John and Lisa

Thank you so much for having Andy and I at the wedding last weekend, Aunt Lisa!! It was great seeing everyone! The weddding was absolutely beautiful and we were so glad to spend the day with you and John and the rest of the family. I'm so happy for you both and hope you have a fantastic honeymoon! Here are a couple of pictures from the day...


Lee Family Portraits

It was great to see you guys again! Andy and I had a great time this weekend at Dorthy B. Oven park. I can't believe how big Cale has gotten and how grown up Kristen and Abby look!! Here are a few pictures from the session. I'll drop the pictures off to you soon!


Ben and Heather - third maternity session

You guys are so cute! I couldn't figure out which pictures to put up. Here are a couple of my favs...

This one was my favorite!!!

Mike and Amanda

Andy and I had the best time at your photo shoot last weekend! You are such a cute couple and I'm so glad that we had the opportunity to meet you both. Even though it was about to downpour we were still able to get some great shots (hope you didn't get too soaked at the game... we unfortunately did!).

Here are a few pictures from the session. You both are so photogenic that I had a hard time picking out the ones I wanted to post. :)

Talk to you soon!