Fearless Friday - Amazing

In an email from a friend today was a note that said "Bad decisions make good stories". I'm not sure about you, but I probably have many good stories to tell. This week in particular has been a tough week of dealing with some realities in my life. Trying to find the right image for this post really took a lot of time and effort. This week, the Fearless Friday girls are taking on the word AMAZING.

I think I've shared this image before, but I found it this week while rifiling through some family pictures. I love this image. I love the complexity of the canyon in the background against the serene environment of the golf course. I love how the sun peaks between the trees and over the Perrine Bridge. This image reminds me to always find the time to look around and take in all of the amazing gifts God has created for us.

My life may not be perfect. I may not get to do all of the things I want to do. I can, however, work hard everyday toward the things that are important to me. And even if I don't accomplish everything, I know that I will have done my best and in doing that, my life will still be AMAZING!


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Megan said...

I *LOVE* that you said you CAN work hard everyday toward things that are important... so many people forget that it's a choice that we CAN make. Amazing.

hhbbkids said...

Christie--so true, so true. We all have realities that may not be fun or perfect. But YOU have it together, my friend. This I know. And by focusing on what is important, your life will surely be amazing! I can't wait to see more!

Ashley said...

Christie - YOU are amazing! What a completely truthful and beautiful post. I loved it. You're so right. And we'll get through these bumps - let's do it together! Love the photo by the way - gorgeous!