Fearless Friday - Love

Welcome to the first edition of Fearless Friday!! In December of this past year I attended the Making Thing Happen intensive in Watercolor, FL and met some AMAZING women who I am so glad to call my friends. Every other week, eight of us will be doing a post on our site all revolving around the same theme. In honor of the upcoming holiday, this week we will each be tackling our definition of LOVE.

I have so many things to be thankful for in my life, and love is a word that is used a lot in our house. I have an amazing husband, a beautiful son (yes, boys can be beautiful), a photography job that I truly love, a wonderful (and really big) family, and amazing friends.

One of the things I love most right now is seeing things from my little T's point of view. Every day he is growing and learning new things and it amazes me. He amazes me. For my post this week I thought I would tell you all of the things that Tyler loves.

LOVE from a 1yr old's point of view...

"I love to put stuff in the trash can and the toilet"...no seriously, he thinks its the funniest thing ever.

"I love to pull all of my clothes out of my dresser drawers"


"I love to hang out with my dad and watch a movie right before bed" - he's done this since he was a little baby and still does it everynight before going to sleep.


"I love my Maggie" - especially when he can pull her tail and feed her food from the high chair.


"I love being chased by my mom and dad"

"I love food" - this kid is a bottomless pit. There is nothing he won't eat.

"I love to stand in front of the washer and watch it spin"

"I love to climb on the couch, on the coffee table and into the bathtub"

"I LOVE bathtime"


"I love to close the door on people, even though I cry when I realize I lock myself in"


"I love to hang out with my cousins" - although you won't know it from their faces LOL


"I love to play in my crib"


Now you can head on over to my friend Angie's blog to see how she feels about "LOVE"

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Ashley said...

Christie, I LOVE how you tackled this task! Little T is TOO.FREAKING.CUTE and you are an amazing mother (and photographer!)

Angie Gallagher said...

Christie - Love this! Great job! He is so cute I just want to hug him! You are so blessed! XOX

Megan Floyd said...

OH THE CUTENESS!! This post is fantastic. Yay!

Natasja said...

I love love love it!!! Your little guy is the most adorable thing in the whole world!!!!

Alicia said...

He is just the cutest little thing. I love the way you interpreted this.

Cloud9_Raquel said...

I love how you approached this topic, Christie! Far too often we get bogged down with our day-to-day busy schedules and forget to be appreciative of all the small blessings we are given.

Christie said...

Thank you all!!