Changes and Happy Easter!

Hi Everyone!

I hope you are having an amazing Easter today! My little T decided that he wanted to tie-dye his white polo shirt instead of put the color on the Easter eggs this morning. Oh well, my life with a one-year old.

If you've been to my website in the past day you will notice that it is in the process of changing from the old site to the new site. We've had a few hiccups with this process and right now the site is completely down. Don't worry, though, we should be up and running at the beginning of the week (crossing my fingers that it will be up early tomorrow). My email is also down, so if you need to contact me via email, please send your request either through my Facebook page or to my personal email christie.meresse@gmail.com.

Can't wait to share the new website and blog with you all!!

Happy Easter!


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